Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I See Dead People…

“I see dead people” … is one of the most repeated lines to come out of a paranormal movie. It ranks way up there with “They’re heeeeeeere,” from the movie, Poltergeist.

The first reference is to The Sixth Sense, a worthy story until I “see” what they claim he “sees,” and I realize how little progress we have made in the entertainment industry in understanding more about what they are representing. If they did, they would have far more interesting tales to tell that would be remarkably more entertaining and “scary” simply because they depict some of what really happens when one “sees” the other side. Too often, the writers are writing what they think they know, when, in actuality, they are merely rehashing what has already been done, wrong, over the years.

In the movies, they never look like your mother or your father, your uncle, your sister your brother, your cousin. They never look like the people you love—the people they really are. And that is one of the most troublesome things I find about movies that depict my profession. I know that these movies are made for entertainment value, but they also instill a false persona as to what people are like on the other side. People don’t die and become ghoulish. They also don’t “stay” or “live” where they are buried. They are spirit energy and energy does not die.

The spirits I see are your average grandpa in suspenders, grandma in her jewelry. Sometimes I see just their surroundings and only feel their energy. It’s like someone came into the room, but they are hiding just beyond my vision and will reveal themselves when (and, most important, IF) they have a message to be delivered.

The biggest misconception about what I do, is that I have some strange “psychic power.” That one makes me both cringe and smile at the same time. Like I have this strange weird thing inside me that makes me be able to do things beyond human ability.. What I have, that may be very different than someone else, is an awareness with that goes beyond normal connections and creates an ability to communicate.

How can you do what I do? Well, first you would have to be born into my family! But, most of all, it’s really quite simple: you MEDITATE, faithfully, every single day, at least twice a day. That simple act of going within on a regular basis will create a pattern of awareness that will allow you to be open enough to “hear” those on the other side, be they angels, guides or loved ones.

I created a guided meditation CD called Graceful Meditations… to help with this process. It can be obtained at our Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center or (Unfortunately, will not allow me to do the link right now).

I wish you love and blessings and happy meditations that connect you with the messages you are meant to receive.

Yes…I do see dead people, and communicate with them. You can, too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm forever reading...Bubbles!

This is a photo of me and Grandma Anna, 1955.
My introduction into reading by way of color and energy happened quite innocently. I was three years old, and we were living across the street from my very psychic grandmother. I remember the day very clearly. My mother had taken me across the street for my grandmother to watch me while my mom went to work in her job as a telephone operator (back when we had live people answering the calls!)

Mom held my hand tightly as we crossed the street. We ran up the steps of Grandma Anna’s small house and through the open screen door, which Mom closed behind us.

“I’ll see you soon,” she said, kneeling to address me. “Be a good girl for Grandma.”

I walked down the foyer to her parlor and sat down on the sofa, the plastic seat cover sticking to my legs as my dress rode up behind me. I sat like this for about five minutes before Grandma came out from behind the curtained off room that was her bedroom. We did not often communicate verbally because she could not speak much English, but I always got her message somehow.

However, today something was different. As she sat next to me talking in her native Italian, tiny purple and blue bubbles came streaming from her mouth. I wanted to ask her to share the bubble blower, but I did not see one.

As she continued to speak, the colors changed again to white, green and yellow. I became very aware of Grandma’s mood just from the shifting colors.

Distracted and mesmerized by these bubbles, I watched them form opaque circles before disappearing into the air. They were coming from Grandma Anna’s mouth in slow and steady clusters. I began to feel emotional. The red made me angry and the green had me wanting to tell Grandma to take better care, while the purple suggested that she was wise beyond my limited three-year-old understanding.

“Eh! Snap over it!” she yelled in her fractured English, her fingers clipping in the air to get my attention.

I moved my eyes up to hers. “Huh?”

She looked confused. “Snap out of it,” she corrected.

I did as I was told, but was still seeing the colorful bubbles.

“Grandma, can I have the bubble maker, too?”

Her eyes widened, and she smiled.

It was at that unfortunate moment, that her next “friend” came to visit. All the people who came to her for advice were never referred to as clients or customers, but as friends.

“Come stai, Mr. Marx,” she greeted in Italian, patting my hand and standing so she could lead the way back behind the curtain. She turned and smiled, her hand on the folds of the curtain, ready to close them. “Is good.”

Friday, June 5, 2009

Something To Consider...

I have wanted to write this particular blog post for a long while, but waited until the Mercury Retrograde was over so that it was not misunderstood.

When I refer to “no dumping” I am referring to the escalating (and alarming) practice among friends, family and (especially) strangers, to unload their problems, issues and/or general disgruntled (negative) feelings/conversation on people who do not ask, nor want to share it. If you think you can’t handle it, imagine what you are doing to the person you dump on. They are not prepared for the negativity you want to impart, and therefore will not be of much comfort to you because they may not be in the position to give advice. All you will succeed in doing is passing on negativity to make yourself feel better. That is not sharing, that is dumping. If you want to unload, it is spiritually important that you ask permission before doing so, and then do so in a private venue as a courtesy to others.

The most notorious dumping is done via cell phones. For instance, I was at the local beauty parlor, nail salon or spa, where (unfortunately) people are not reminded to turn off cell phones so as not to disturb others. We are there to decompress, relax and enjoy being pampered, not to take in the negativity of someone else. Imagine what it feels like to hear someone talking loud, for all to hear, about the latest disease or death the caller is relating to them over the phone. One such woman carried on so much about how their family member died, that we were all treated to a wonderfully negative blow-by-blow description of the horror of it all. No one told her to stop. The depression just filled the place as a result. No one bothered to ask her to take it outside. We were all held hostage in her little personal phone booth.

In this economy, the owner of the salon was only interested in not offending (thus losing) the ONE customer, in favor of losing the 10 others who were reduced to listening to this. Ultimately, one by one, each person simply got up and left the place. They were angry, and one woman was SO angry that on her way out the door, she actually ripped the phone out of the person’s hand and threw it in the trash, sending shock waves through the salon.

If you want others to be sympathetic to your plight, you have to be sensitive to the fact that they didn’t sign up for your “news,” and should be asked if it’s okay to listen to it. That applies to whether you are on the phone or sitting at the nail dryer chatting with a fellow customer.

Establishment owners please take note: We pay to be pampered. We are not paying to be put upon. We all have things in our lives that we would rather not deal with, but the misery loves company adage no longer works in the world we live in today. The rage, disrespect and outright rudeness needs to stop. NO MORE DUMPING! Ask first. Or, better yet, BLOG it, because only then is it ok because the person has to seek your blog out, and that is by their choice, and by their permission.