Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Loaded Question!

Hello, dear friends:

In an effort to get to know me better, one of my clients presented me with a list of questions she always wanted a Psychic Medium to answer. I took the sheet from her, and looked it over and thought it might be a nice idea to maybe present some of those questions, and the answers they inspired.

This is a loaded question!
No matter who we are, there are always complexities to each of us that are unique. For myself, I view the life I lead as a Psychic Medium as very normal, though I realize it appears to be very paranormal to others. However, when friends or colleagues pointed out to me certain aspects of daily life that border on the unusual, I realize that though I feel I am the “same” as everyone else in so many respects, I’m very different in the way I have to lead my life. Friends site that not everyone hears “voices” or “communicate with dead people” and that, often, those that do are medicated and treated as unbalanced. Thank God for Mom, then, because I owe the stability in my life to her.

When I was three years old, I began to see color bubbles coming out of people’s mouths when they spoke. Depending upon the color of the bubbles, I could tell them what they needed to know. As a child, it’s fun to become distracted by the bubbles, however, it can be dangerous as you grow into adulthood because I’d wind up staring at people. Not only is it impolite, but imagine how you feel when a stranger stares at you! If my mother hadn’t shown me how I could focus my attention on the information the colored bubbles brought, I don’t know what I would have done. As it is, when I go into a movie theater, I have to go at non-peak times or bubbles and voices filling the place will inundate me.

Forget hospitals and nursing homes. Even stadiums are difficult arenas for me to be in. In a hospital, I have to constantly keep myself shut off so that my attention is focused internally. The best way I accomplish that is by wearing my iPod earplugs and blasting The Doors (any music really; but this works for me) into my head.

It’s a little more difficult when I visit my dad in the nursing home, because I feel so overwhelmed by the thoughts of the elderly, as they live in their remembrances and missing loved ones. Many times, those loved ones have crossed over, and as I pass the wheel chairs lined along the corridor, filled with the sleeping and the disoriented, I often also feel or see a spectral family member beside them. I quicken my steps and turn up the sound, or talk to the person I’m with to avoid spirit communication. For me, it’s an intrusion because I am not prepared to work as a Medium at that moment. I am my father’s daughter on those visits, there to visit my family, not those of the nursing home. That inner turmoil can be disconcerting, and I often lose my sense of time and place.

Yes, I am always a Psychic and a Medium…but that should only be with my permission. Otherwise, it benefits no one and I am left with messages that will be undelivered. That can leave me drained and depressed.

To be continued…

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