Thursday, August 4, 2011


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Directing The Energy Current

It’s one o’clock in the morning and I am tossing and turning while fighting the storm that has entered our atmosphere. With a storm comes lightning and thunder, a combination that stirs up energy, and that atmospheric pressure affects our own personal energy. Depending on the length of the storm, it can be hard not to ride it out by staying up all night, eyes wide open, body buzzing as the mind fights that desire to slowly flutter off to dreamland. It is this “fight” with one’s energy that causes us to toss and turn in insomnia.

Rather than toss and turn, I have always used these times as the perfect opportunity to be productive, and most times, I find myself writing about the things that are most important to me. That opportunity does not lend itself only to storms, but includes new moons, full moons, retrogrades, and even eclipses, that can contribute the same seemingly disruptive energy. It amazes me that someone would think that the moon can move large bodies of water to create tides, yet that it could not possibly affect the movement of a human body, which is almost 75% water! There is a reason why emotion and ocean rhyme. It’s to remind us our that lunar connection has an affect on our responses and we have to consider those responses as we move through our daily existence if we want to establish emotional balance.

People reacting through emotional outburst (and we all have those moments) have allowed themselves to be tempered by the vibrations around them. No matter what shakes you up, the fact remains that your energy is still shaken up, and it would behoove you to use that distraction to your advantage, rather than to toss and turn, literally losing sleep over it. Instead, use that energy to your advantage: journalize, color, read--do whatever you need to so that you expend that energy. If you are determined to get back to sleep, then put soft music in your player and tell yourself, by way of personal “suggestion," that this will ease you to sleep.

My late uncle used to say that awareness is everything in life. So, in my best effort to help you become more aware via my study, trial and experience, I have uncovered ways that help me to not only go with the flow during these energetic times, but to direct the current for what lies ahead so that you are aware of the way your energy ebbs and flows. The easiest way to track your progress is to use a calendar and a journal. It doesn’t matter if you keep records on printed paper or if you use your computer. Let your instincts tell you what feels right for you. The idea is to use it faithfully so you have a heads up on the months ahead, so choose something user-friendly. Mark up your calendar with the dates of the moon cycle, retrogrades, eclipses, and anything you read about that would cause an energy shift in our skies (like comets, for instance). Ultimately, this tracking will help you avoid some of the more negative aspects that touch upon our energy. In this way you will be able to understand your own energy and how you, personally, work with the world.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Personal Update

I looked up at the calendar and realized that it is already March and I have yet to put a blog post up this year. For those who have been privy, it’s been a personally strange and surreal time for me. My father is up and down in his status in Hospice care and visiting him at the nursing home has become even more of a priority. My visits over the last three years have gone from once a week to twice a week, to almost every day. I have even opened a Facebook fan page for him, and sometimes he interacts, but oftentimes I am posting for him and reading your posts to him. It's called The Jerryatric News because his name is Jerry and he's 90! If you would like to join his page for updates or to send him cheer, please join:

At present time, we are in the midst of “pick a day that’s good and run with it” because “you never know.” We are three months into “you never know” and we still don’t know very much and I didn’t even know what year it was until yesterday. I am literally forced to go with the flow, and am directing the current by finally opening the Center on Tuesday, March 14, for the first time this year.

I look forward to catching up with everyone, and there are exciting products and services coming your way. I have a book coming out soon, video classes, crystal products and jewelry and a new, affordable way to purchase my energy art. Meanwhile, please know that I am very grateful for all the healing thoughts, prayers and positive vibes you have been sending our way. I thank you for Embracing The Universe with us.

Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year, A Fun Project!


As we enter into a New Year and a new decade, it’s important to maintain focus on what we really want to achieve with this “fresh start,” being afforded us. Since the age of 7, my way of doing that has been by creating a collage of words and pictures that represent my wants and goals. The process is empowering and, though I’ve shared it here before, it is worth repeating. I hope you will gather up some time, material, and create a collage to help you embrace 2011.

You will need the following: poster board, scissors, glue and a lot of different magazines, newspapers, and photos.

The size of the collage is up to you. If you are doing this as a project with family, friends or business partners, you might want a larger piece so that everyone in the can participate.

Cut out images and words of what you want to manifest. Be sure to cut out the New Year date, and remember to include a photograph of yourself and your loved ones. I have seen these collages take on a life of their own and I am amazed at how they become a source of comfort and peace. A collage helps us to do more than “go with the flow” of our intentions. It helps us to direct the current so that we arrive at our destination!

Though you can do a collage on any topic: business, health or relationship and at any time, starting the New Year off with one is effective and powerful in setting a positive tone for the months ahead. God bless. Enjoy a Happy, healthy New Year!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Medium & The Message

October 14, 2010 marked eleven years since my mother crossed over, and it felt as if that time never went by. Over the course of the past decade, I have opened myself to receiving her guidance in the only way I know how: as a medium. I have always listened carefully and long enough to allow signs to unfold into a single message. I do that for my clients, but it is never so easy to do that for myself. I was determined, though, and remained positive that opening myself and trusting that it was right to do so, would reward me with a special communication with my mother. I wasn’t disappointed.

So often, people move through life missing the signs that create dialog between themselves and their loved ones on the other side. Some never receive the messages they long for, simply because they didn’t take time to relax and listen. With some people it is a matter of faith, and the loss of it. The only way to become aware of those signs and know how to receive them is through the act of faith. My acronym for faith (which I love so much that it is on one of the cards on my Hope Deck) is: Freely Acting In True Harmony. That is what true faith is. To have faith is to have a belief system that there is a Divine source of light (goodness) that inspires you from afar and is there with answers to the questions and emotions you experience while on this earth plane.

I’m sharing a snippet of a scene of the now-canceled Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I used to record the show and see it on the DVR later. This is the opening scene, but before you watch it, allow me to direct those who don’t know me personally, to the signs that make up this particular “message” from Mom.

Jennifer and her husband are helping their son to bury his turtle.Turtle is my animal totem as it is a reference to both my grandmothers: one we called Mertle The Turtle to tease her, and the other (psychic one) actually OWNED a huge turtle that she had on a leash!

I am Italian. The reference is that the turtle is, too.

Turtle’s name is Giovanni – which means John (my late uncle from California)

Palm tree- California.

Good listener: Mom

Finally, my mother’s name: Frances!

This is just one example of how signs are delivered to create a message. I hope it gives you some insight into the messages that are waiting to be delivered to you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Angels In The Office

Angels surround us. They fill a lot of space that we think is “empty.” You don’t have to believe in angels to be surrounded by them, but if you do believe, then it’s important to remember to request help, rather than to simply expect help, from the angels. Here is a personal story to illustrate this Divine connection!

In 1996, after years of reading at my home, other peoples’ homes, and psychic fairs that took me to various hotels, I decided to rent an office of my own. I’m not a living-out-of-the-suitcase kind of person, and that is how it begins to feel after sitting in the energy of so many different venues! Each time, I would have to get used to the new space, find a comfy seating arrangement, and spiritually prepare myself, and the room I’d be working in, for the readings to come. This was a good move, and what better person to look for the rental space than my own mother?

“Feels ok,” I heard Mom say, as the landlord escorted us up the stairs to the offices.

He opened the door to an outer office and into a reception area. Inside were three other offices; one already occupied by an attorney who only used the place a couple of days a week. I would have the third floor to myself most of the time, a free waiting room, and a private entrance for my clients.

“Is this place secure?” Mom was still asking questions.

“We have an alarm system that calls to the police, and I will give you the little key to activate it,” he said. “You can’t get in and out of this building without the alarm key.”

That Saturday evening, we stopped by the new space with a coffeemaker and three gold painted angel figurines that belonged to my mother’s late sister. I set up the coffee maker and positioned the three angels across the desk.

“I’ll be sitting in the waiting room if you need me,” Mom said.

A short while later, I turned out the light and slid the doorknob to the lock position. I locked the door, and, before I even realized it, I could “see” the keys still on the desk inside the room! . It was one of those realizations that make you cringe.

“Please tell me you didn’t just leave the keys inside!” Mom rolled her eyes. “Use the spare--.”

“We have no spare and we’re locked in from the outside, and locked out from the inside office.”

“Try your cell phone.” I could sense the tenseness in her voice as it cracked the words.

“We’re in a dead zone and I can’t get a signal.”

“Is that supposed to be funny?” she was now panicking.
“Who would I call, anyway?” I continued. “ I have no number for the landlord and it’s Saturday and no one is working at this hour.”

“What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to start praying, Mom. We both talk about the power of prayer and how we call on the angels for help. Well, now is as good a time as any to have that faith.”

“Angels, please help us.”

“Please open the door for us.” Mom said sweetly. I turned to her and together we said a prayer and waited.

I went over to the door again and gave it a turn. Nothing. I moved back from the door and shrugged. A few minutes passed, and we both heard a click as the door softly swung open! As it did, the tears in my eyes began to spill down to my cheeks. “

"Oh my God! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

It was at that single moment that Mom and I mutually came upon the profound awareness that we are not alone; that our angels, too, are watching over us.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maximizing My Crystal Experience

As many of you know, we hosted Max, the Crystal Skull, at our metaphysical center in the beginning of June, almost eight years after hosting him the first time. Being surrounded by the vibration of such a peaceful, ancient energy only served to remind me that, though the path to peace has been an arduous one, it is still attainable. I also learned that no matter how much we think we know about something, we really only scratch the surface of knowledge. Life is a lesson, after all, and having the rare experience of touching a “wonder of the world” is something that provides a lesson in understanding what peace and love are truly all about. The lesson is simple: by exposing yourself to positive energy you can achieve all that you really desire. This wonderful pre-Mayan artifact provided a well of peace that was worth the experience. I put together this little video to share our collective experiences with you. It was a very powerful weekend and we look forward to next year’s visit!

Click here for the Max video: