Friday, March 11, 2011

A Personal Update

I looked up at the calendar and realized that it is already March and I have yet to put a blog post up this year. For those who have been privy, it’s been a personally strange and surreal time for me. My father is up and down in his status in Hospice care and visiting him at the nursing home has become even more of a priority. My visits over the last three years have gone from once a week to twice a week, to almost every day. I have even opened a Facebook fan page for him, and sometimes he interacts, but oftentimes I am posting for him and reading your posts to him. It's called The Jerryatric News because his name is Jerry and he's 90! If you would like to join his page for updates or to send him cheer, please join:

At present time, we are in the midst of “pick a day that’s good and run with it” because “you never know.” We are three months into “you never know” and we still don’t know very much and I didn’t even know what year it was until yesterday. I am literally forced to go with the flow, and am directing the current by finally opening the Center on Tuesday, March 14, for the first time this year.

I look forward to catching up with everyone, and there are exciting products and services coming your way. I have a book coming out soon, video classes, crystal products and jewelry and a new, affordable way to purchase my energy art. Meanwhile, please know that I am very grateful for all the healing thoughts, prayers and positive vibes you have been sending our way. I thank you for Embracing The Universe with us.

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