Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Medium & The Message

October 14, 2010 marked eleven years since my mother crossed over, and it felt as if that time never went by. Over the course of the past decade, I have opened myself to receiving her guidance in the only way I know how: as a medium. I have always listened carefully and long enough to allow signs to unfold into a single message. I do that for my clients, but it is never so easy to do that for myself. I was determined, though, and remained positive that opening myself and trusting that it was right to do so, would reward me with a special communication with my mother. I wasn’t disappointed.

So often, people move through life missing the signs that create dialog between themselves and their loved ones on the other side. Some never receive the messages they long for, simply because they didn’t take time to relax and listen. With some people it is a matter of faith, and the loss of it. The only way to become aware of those signs and know how to receive them is through the act of faith. My acronym for faith (which I love so much that it is on one of the cards on my Hope Deck) is: Freely Acting In True Harmony. That is what true faith is. To have faith is to have a belief system that there is a Divine source of light (goodness) that inspires you from afar and is there with answers to the questions and emotions you experience while on this earth plane.

I’m sharing a snippet of a scene of the now-canceled Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I used to record the show and see it on the DVR later. This is the opening scene, but before you watch it, allow me to direct those who don’t know me personally, to the signs that make up this particular “message” from Mom.

Jennifer and her husband are helping their son to bury his turtle.Turtle is my animal totem as it is a reference to both my grandmothers: one we called Mertle The Turtle to tease her, and the other (psychic one) actually OWNED a huge turtle that she had on a leash!

I am Italian. The reference is that the turtle is, too.

Turtle’s name is Giovanni – which means John (my late uncle from California)

Palm tree- California.

Good listener: Mom

Finally, my mother’s name: Frances!

This is just one example of how signs are delivered to create a message. I hope it gives you some insight into the messages that are waiting to be delivered to you.