Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am excited to write this today because it is about how group meditation is a vehicle for sharing love and energy, and how it can not only raise the vibration in a room, but it can raise spirit as well!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an invitation-only event given by Karen Robinovitz of Purple Lab in NYC. Her events are usually in line with spirit and this one was no different. Each guest was treated to yoga and meditation that was facilitated by Libby Weintraub, and afterward I embraced the group by doing readings as they sat in a peaceful circle.

The energy that emerges when collectively meditating with a group of people is truly a magical experience of soft, loving vibrations at its highest intensity. We were blessed with the inclusion of The Didge Project, to provide our meditative music. The didgeridoo is an amazing instrument used in healing, meditation and music, and promotes peaceful harmony. At the very end of the meditation, we took a short break, and listened as the didgeridoo sound continued in our circle. At a certain point, my business partner, Susan Dolinko, got up from the circle and took some pictures to share on the Internet.

The photo above is the result--an amazing display of what happens when spirit surrounds us in peace and love and embraces us in the lavender light. That is not dust, reflection or even moisture that you are looking at. It is the color of spirit and energy generated by a group of like-minded people who enjoyed every metaphysical moment.

We had the spirit in us that night…and I, for one, am grateful.


Purple said...

It was amazing to have you at our event! We definitely had spirit! Mwah!
- Karen

Omi said...

Follow the violet brick road! Ride the Wave! Manifest At Will! In Integrity!