Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last night I did a telephone reading for an out-of-state client. The reading was moving right along when I suddenly felt an“energy” (spirit) enter the room. I knew it was a male and he immediately made me smile. I asked the client, “Who is Charlie? I think he’s here.” She explained that Charlie was the name of her brother who passed away. That validation opened up the door, so to speak, to communicate with him. I “felt” him laughing and smiling and being quite the jovial one! However, he soon turned into a very “merry” prankster!

I often tell my clients that one of the major signs that indicate the other side is with us, are electrical: lights flashing, phones ringing with no one on the other end, chimes sounding from nowhere, etc. You get the idea!

The moment my client acknowledged who Charlie was, the phone went dead. I went to my recent calls listing and redialed her number. Instead of getting my client, I got a recording telling me how to get my incoming messages! Though it was frustrating, it made sense because the other side was trying to send a message and wanted me to know that was the case. I tried to get my client back on the phone three times, three different ways, and each time, I got the same recording. So, I turned to spirit and said, “Ok, Charlie. Got it. I know you are here. Now let me get your sister back on the phone so I can finish up her reading.”

The next time I dialed, she picked up the phone. I explained to her that I felt it was Charlie playing with us. She confirmed his prankster ways. In fact, as I write this in my home office, every time I type his name, the lights flicker!

We finished up the reading and after hanging up; I leaned over to check my email and heard a male voice sending “commands” on everything I did. If I clicked the email icon it would say, “Email open.” No matter what I touched, the male voice came on in command. And to make matters more frustrating, the volume could not be turned up or down, no matter what I did! I would have “told” Charlie that this was unacceptable, however, I know better…because when you ask spirit, in frustration, to stop (or you yell at them) you can be sure that will only escalate your problem with them.

I asked my business partner, Sue, to come up to my office and see where I would turn off the commands, and she kept asking, “Why are they even on?” I rolled my eyes. She understood immediately and went downstairs to spray the house with our cleansing spray and double dose it with sage smudge right after. When she returned, we went through the motions of finding what was activated, so that I could return my computer to normal, rather than paranormal. As we went through the list of voice activation, we noticed that most of my system preferences there that had been unchecked were now checked! It took about an hour, and I turned off the computer for the night.

The next morning, I started my day with email and all seemed right with the world...until I tried to turn down the music volume. It not only would not go down, but strange looking frames surrounded all my folders and my screen kept freezing. Frustrated, I begged him to please stop, and then called Sue again. We discovered yet another change on the computer. So, I asked Charlie to return control to me. I told him his family loved him and to move along in peace. I heard one word in my ear, spoken clearly and firmly, in a male’s voice: “Write!”

So, here it is. Sorry, Charlie, that it took me so long to get that message, and thank you for coming through to deliver it. For that, I am very grateful.

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