Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I See Dead People…

“I see dead people” … is one of the most repeated lines to come out of a paranormal movie. It ranks way up there with “They’re heeeeeeere,” from the movie, Poltergeist.

The first reference is to The Sixth Sense, a worthy story until I “see” what they claim he “sees,” and I realize how little progress we have made in the entertainment industry in understanding more about what they are representing. If they did, they would have far more interesting tales to tell that would be remarkably more entertaining and “scary” simply because they depict some of what really happens when one “sees” the other side. Too often, the writers are writing what they think they know, when, in actuality, they are merely rehashing what has already been done, wrong, over the years.

In the movies, they never look like your mother or your father, your uncle, your sister your brother, your cousin. They never look like the people you love—the people they really are. And that is one of the most troublesome things I find about movies that depict my profession. I know that these movies are made for entertainment value, but they also instill a false persona as to what people are like on the other side. People don’t die and become ghoulish. They also don’t “stay” or “live” where they are buried. They are spirit energy and energy does not die.

The spirits I see are your average grandpa in suspenders, grandma in her jewelry. Sometimes I see just their surroundings and only feel their energy. It’s like someone came into the room, but they are hiding just beyond my vision and will reveal themselves when (and, most important, IF) they have a message to be delivered.

The biggest misconception about what I do, is that I have some strange “psychic power.” That one makes me both cringe and smile at the same time. Like I have this strange weird thing inside me that makes me be able to do things beyond human ability.. What I have, that may be very different than someone else, is an awareness with that goes beyond normal connections and creates an ability to communicate.

How can you do what I do? Well, first you would have to be born into my family! But, most of all, it’s really quite simple: you MEDITATE, faithfully, every single day, at least twice a day. That simple act of going within on a regular basis will create a pattern of awareness that will allow you to be open enough to “hear” those on the other side, be they angels, guides or loved ones.

I created a guided meditation CD called Graceful Meditations… to help with this process. It can be obtained at our Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center or (Unfortunately, will not allow me to do the link right now).

I wish you love and blessings and happy meditations that connect you with the messages you are meant to receive.

Yes…I do see dead people, and communicate with them. You can, too.

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