Saturday, September 20, 2008


The other day I received an email from a Republican's Voting Registration Panel asking me the following question: "Tell us! Is America ready for a black president?"

I was more than taken aback, both literally and in actual years. And I responded the same way I did when they sent it regarding Hillary Clinton, as a woman. To even consider this a proper question to ask anyone in the year 2008 is unacceptable! We have learned absolutely nothing from the history that led us here; nor the people who gave their lives to teach us equality.

This is not an election of black vs. white or male vs. female or even Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s a case of RIGHT vs. WRONG and NEW vs. OLD and CHANGE vs. the same old back-stabbing, global damaging administration that we have had for far too long! I know my fellow Americans are not so blind as to vote for political party, rather than political reason. Personally, I am sick and tired of being Bush-whacked by an egotistical administration that has done nothing to bring forth peace and prosperity; but has instead ruined our reputation and encouraged a war, for the sake of money and power.

The Law of Attraction of this universe dictates, factually, that if you keep on attracting the same administration, the same war mongers, the same brainless conservatives with no knowledge of politics or connection (Miss There’s No Global Warming Sarah Palin springs to mind), then you will certainly get what you deserve. I mean, it's not strange to have full grown ripe mature pumpkins in August in my backyard, right? (It just reinforces to me that she is a far better comedian than Tina Fey; and I am shuddering at the thought.)

For anyone who has the mistaken impression that because they are wealthy or Republican that they should vote that way in order to keep their own money and have it grow in their pockets, they are in for the rudest awakening of all: financial loss.

You know, my family always called my abilities “ a gift.” I call it "a knowing.” The gift is only received when the knowing becomes awareness through proper action. Action is the only way to promote change.

Change is Correcting How A Nation Gets Even
I’m with Deepak Chopra who shared his opinion and is repeated below.

God bless, Linda


kiann said...

Linda for President!

Denise said...

I agree - why arent' you running for President?

Anonymous said...

I'm Voting For Linda!