Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year, A Fun Project!


As we enter into a New Year and a new decade, it’s important to maintain focus on what we really want to achieve with this “fresh start,” being afforded us. Since the age of 7, my way of doing that has been by creating a collage of words and pictures that represent my wants and goals. The process is empowering and, though I’ve shared it here before, it is worth repeating. I hope you will gather up some time, material, and create a collage to help you embrace 2011.

You will need the following: poster board, scissors, glue and a lot of different magazines, newspapers, and photos.

The size of the collage is up to you. If you are doing this as a project with family, friends or business partners, you might want a larger piece so that everyone in the can participate.

Cut out images and words of what you want to manifest. Be sure to cut out the New Year date, and remember to include a photograph of yourself and your loved ones. I have seen these collages take on a life of their own and I am amazed at how they become a source of comfort and peace. A collage helps us to do more than “go with the flow” of our intentions. It helps us to direct the current so that we arrive at our destination!

Though you can do a collage on any topic: business, health or relationship and at any time, starting the New Year off with one is effective and powerful in setting a positive tone for the months ahead. God bless. Enjoy a Happy, healthy New Year!

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