Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maximizing My Crystal Experience

As many of you know, we hosted Max, the Crystal Skull, at our metaphysical center in the beginning of June, almost eight years after hosting him the first time. Being surrounded by the vibration of such a peaceful, ancient energy only served to remind me that, though the path to peace has been an arduous one, it is still attainable. I also learned that no matter how much we think we know about something, we really only scratch the surface of knowledge. Life is a lesson, after all, and having the rare experience of touching a “wonder of the world” is something that provides a lesson in understanding what peace and love are truly all about. The lesson is simple: by exposing yourself to positive energy you can achieve all that you really desire. This wonderful pre-Mayan artifact provided a well of peace that was worth the experience. I put together this little video to share our collective experiences with you. It was a very powerful weekend and we look forward to next year’s visit!

Click here for the Max video:

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