Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Max, The Crystal Skull is back!

Max The Crystal Skull, will be at Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe in Mountainside, NJ - June 11-13, 2010.

908-518-9001 –for information or to book your session.

Sessions with Max:
Private session for 1 person for 30 minutes is $60.00.
Private session with 2-3 people for 30 minutes $40.00 per person.*
*by appointment and availability.

Saturday, June 12, 2010 – 7-9pm
Lecture and Meditation with Max & JoAnn, facilitated by Linda Lauren
$25.00 per person

*Lecture, meditation and group participation to touch Max or have your photo taken with him.

MAX & JoAnn Parks:

Back in December 2002, we had the pleasure to host Max and JoAnn from our home office. Now, over 7 years later, I felt the need to have Max come back and share with us his healing vibration and positive energy of spirit.

Max is one of the thirteen-original crystal skulls known in the world at this time. Authenticated by the British Museum, Max is at least 10,000 years old and weighs 16lbs. Max was found in a tomb in St. Augustine, Guatemala, between 1924 and 1926 and was used by Mayan Priests for healing and prayer.

Norbu Chen studied to be a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat Lamas, and also in Guatemala with Mayan priests, where he came into the presence of Max. Norbu was given this precious skull when he left the Mayans to continue on his path as a healer. His travels took him to Houston, Texas, where he started a healing foundation. The crystal skull sat on his altar as a healing and spiritual tool.

It was during this time that JoAnn and Carl Parks met Norbu Chen through their family medical doctor when their twelve-year-old daughter, Diana, was dying of bone cancer. JoAnn ended up working for the Norbu and the foundation for many years. Before he died, he gave Max to the Parks with no explanation except that someday when the time was right, they would know what the crystal skull was all about.

After many years, communication from the skull told JoAnn of his name and his desire to assist humanity by direct experience. Now JoAnn travels with MAX across the country and around the world, providing this experience to all who are called. Many who have been in the presence of Max and the other original crystal skulls feel a profound sense of healing and awareness.

An ancient legend tells of thirteen life-size crystal skulls. According to the ancient teaching, one day all of the true ancient crystal skulls will be re-discovered and brought together for their collective wisdom to be made available, but the human race must first be sufficiently evolved, both morally and spiritually, so as not to abuse this great power and knowledge. No one knows if this ancient legend is true. However, one-day mankind may find out.

Max the crystal skull, is known nationally and internationally. In 1996, Max was researched by the British Museum in conjunction with the BBC Network and Everyman Productions, where a documentary ‘Skull Trek: The Journey of the Crystal Skulls’ was produced based on the authentication process of Max and other crystal skulls. This aired on the A&E Network, and the Discovery Channel. Max has been seen in movies including ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’. He was featured on the Travel Channel on a show called "Top 10 Mysteries" and a national show called "Strange Universe". He has done a documentary for Japan and the Spanish Channel, and has been featured in the news, many newspaper articles, books, and videos world wide.

For a private session with Max or to attend the Saturday night lecture, please call 908-518-9001.

Photo credits: Max The Crystal Skull - (c)2002 Linda Lauren

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