Friday, April 9, 2010

Creating A Positive Vibe With Your Energy

Linda Lauren’s Energy Art™ is a reading of the colors of energy of people, places and objects, as it relates to the aura. When certain colors are intuitively combined together with intention, they create a specific energy for a desired result, like healing, harmony or money. Think of an aura photo and its array of colors. Now imagine those colors have a movement and a purpose that is designed to create an uplifting mood. Do you want prosperity? Romance? Good health? Harmony? Peace? You can do that via the vibration and translation of colors that, as a Medium, I read for you and visually express for you.

I have discovered a unique process of breathing life into spirit by way of this new artwork. Each picture is accompanied by a translation to explain what the colors mean to you, as well as the purpose they serve.

Invite prosperity and abundance
Reduce stress
Stimulate creativity
Encourage love and cooperation
Enhance your own energy, and the energy of those around you.
Heal body, mind and spirit
Promote harmony
Stimulate dreaming
Enjoy restful sleep
Embrace peace and love.

Let Color Therapy work for you through my reading of your colors. Call me to learn more about this treat for the spirit!

the artwork above hangs in my Reading Room at our Center in Mountainside, NJ. It is called Making The Connection and it represents my communication with what is above (the other side ) with what is below (this side and the living.) The blue that runs across it denotes communication and the purple and white represent my mission and my work. This piece holds a very spiritual feel when seen up close, in person.


Denise K. Rago said...

I am so drawn to this piece of art work Linda. It is so beautiful. I now own three pieces of Energy Art that you created for me. Thank you!

Linda Lauren said...

You are sooooo welcome! I'm so happy to be able to share it.