Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Tweet It *Could* Be!

I am convinced that no one is really on Twitter, and that it is entirely automated. Auto- messages, auto-follow, auto-answers. There is no communication, just the moving of, for the most part, useless, information designed to make other people rich. Out of over 1,000 people who follow me on Twitter, there are less than a handful who bother to take a stab at actual conversation. Most tweets are talking at me, not to me and certainly not with me.

People who read this will most likely tell me that I don’t “get” Twitter and don’t understand this form of social media. Maybe…and maybe not. However, as a psychic medium I do understand communication and I am more than aware of how to receive and deliver messages. I do it every day as a medium. Those messages come from a place that is a lot more difficult to reach, and yet those messages get delivered and they ultimately change lives for the better. So, how can we get Twitter to do that for us? Join me and let's make a change. After all, as @wisekaren tweeted:

“FB (Facebook) is for people you used to know; Twitter is for people you’d like to know.”

I'd like to get to really know all of you.

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