Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Tweet It *Could* Be!

I am convinced that no one is really on Twitter, and that it is entirely automated. Auto- messages, auto-follow, auto-answers. There is no communication, just the moving of, for the most part, useless, information designed to make other people rich. Out of over 1,000 people who follow me on Twitter, there are less than a handful who bother to take a stab at actual conversation. Most tweets are talking at me, not to me and certainly not with me.

People who read this will most likely tell me that I don’t “get” Twitter and don’t understand this form of social media. Maybe…and maybe not. However, as a psychic medium I do understand communication and I am more than aware of how to receive and deliver messages. I do it every day as a medium. Those messages come from a place that is a lot more difficult to reach, and yet those messages get delivered and they ultimately change lives for the better. So, how can we get Twitter to do that for us? Join me and let's make a change. After all, as @wisekaren tweeted:

“FB (Facebook) is for people you used to know; Twitter is for people you’d like to know.”

I'd like to get to really know all of you.

Follow me on Twitter....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shifting Into Awareness

I am often asked to comment on the state of things in the world and of the universe. For a long time now I have been experiencing a transitional feeling to the vibrations around us. A major shirt in universal awareness is taking place and we are at a time in history that affords us the opportunity to actually create change. But it’s not going to be up to bodies of government or religious leaders to embrace this new awareness. The only way it can be embraced is through the contributions of each person individually. It is first and foremost about your existence in this world and of this universe.

In order to move with the shift that is taking place, we need to observe this energy and, rather than simply “go with the flow,” we have to remember to be involved in directing the current. When we do, we actively pursue the positive vibrations we want to embrace. For it is only through positive awareness that a good life is created.

We are at a global crossroads and we need to empower ourselves through action that moves us forward. Anything that is negative is a movement back. Reality television shows are a perfect example of the kind of negativity I am writing about. They are far from reality because they are still “scripted” and edited for how they impact an audience. If true “reality” were to be displayed on television it would make for boring, rating-less TV. So instead of having some wonderful writers pen compelling drama or comedic entertainment, we have people who are clueless to what entertainment is all about

Let me zero in on the problem in one word: anger. I have never seen so much hate where there should be love, or disgust where there should be compassion, or pain where there should be healing. That has to change with person to person in order for us to raise the vibration around us so that we are establishing energy that will move us along the correct path. Each path is different for each person, and no two people will do the same thing in the same way. That is where guidance comes in, and if I can impart one major insight to you today, it would be to follow your truth without anger. By the very virtue of the Law of Attraction you are only going to create more of the same. You don’t have to believe me. Just try a little test of your own sometime. Tomorrow morning, get up and smile when you want to frown. Count to ten before you “react.” See what feelings resonate with you.

Most importantly, make an appointment with yourself and go within and meditate. Seek to create a response to life instead of a reaction. When we meditate we respond with reason. When we don’t, we react with emotion. We all have a choice. Choose to direct your life towards the most good it can do you and you will be embracing energy that will change the world around you, too.

Meditate. Smile. And turn off the news for a while. Get only the headlines. As to reality TV, don’t let them teach you by example. It’s an example based on ego and instant fame at anyone’s expense. And when we use EGO, we are Edging God Out.