Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Chain Gang

Chain, Chain, Chain…

Every year, at this time especially, I am inundated with emails that are “chain letters that should not be broken,” because they promise that if you “break the chain” you will have bad luck or you will not get whatever wonderful thing these chain letters claim to promise. So, they expect you to infiltrate your address book and dump these chain letters by forwarding them to “people you care about,” as one letter boasts. Well, it is because I do care about those people on my address book that I don’t send them this piece of intrusive mail, and instead, file it in my Trash or bounce it back to the sender. (This includes the chain letters that say "this is not a chain letter..!")

Chain letters are fear based. They feed upon the instinct of desire in a way that prevents one from being open to the very “gifts” the so-called chain letter promises. Trust me when I tell you that if you don’t send the chain letter to five friends, nothing bad will happen to you, except you might get a computer virus (for those with PCs, anyway) and infect your whole list.

Chain letters just promise more chain letters. I would much rather use the Universal Laws of Attraction and Abundance in a more positive manner, so that it benefits rather than detracts from my intention for a better life.

Nothing will happen to you by sending or not sending a chain letter. The most that will happen is you might lose some friends and a great deal of time forwarding mail, rather than manifesting what you want in life.

Blessings…count them…you have many, but you won’t find them in a mass-emailed chain letter.