Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am excited to write this today because it is about how group meditation is a vehicle for sharing love and energy, and how it can not only raise the vibration in a room, but it can raise spirit as well!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an invitation-only event given by Karen Robinovitz of Purple Lab in NYC. Her events are usually in line with spirit and this one was no different. Each guest was treated to yoga and meditation that was facilitated by Libby Weintraub, and afterward I embraced the group by doing readings as they sat in a peaceful circle.

The energy that emerges when collectively meditating with a group of people is truly a magical experience of soft, loving vibrations at its highest intensity. We were blessed with the inclusion of The Didge Project, to provide our meditative music. The didgeridoo is an amazing instrument used in healing, meditation and music, and promotes peaceful harmony. At the very end of the meditation, we took a short break, and listened as the didgeridoo sound continued in our circle. At a certain point, my business partner, Susan Dolinko, got up from the circle and took some pictures to share on the Internet.

The photo above is the result--an amazing display of what happens when spirit surrounds us in peace and love and embraces us in the lavender light. That is not dust, reflection or even moisture that you are looking at. It is the color of spirit and energy generated by a group of like-minded people who enjoyed every metaphysical moment.

We had the spirit in us that night…and I, for one, am grateful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Managing Mercury In Retrograde

I am so tired of people stressing out and running scared because someone told them we were in “mercury retrograde” and that somehow is negative. We don’t have negative planets; we have negative people who use the planets as a great excuse for negative thinking, and in some cases, even negative behavior. My mother always said for every down there is an up, so let’s clear the decks, and get a better understanding of this phenomena and how best to flow with it.

Mercury is the planet governing communication, transportation and truth. When it is in “retrograde” it’s movement appears to be streaming backward in the skies, and that backward intention affects all forms of communication: whether that be via computer or person to person. Just because there are more misunderstandings and bad judgment calls made during Mercury Retrograde periods than any other time, does not mean that Mercury is singularly responsible. I am beginning to suspect an uncomfortable pattern. By the very virtue of the Universal Law of Attraction, many people are actually encouraging the frustration experienced during this time, rather than working with the blessings of it.

Breaking it down:
Don’t sign contracts or commit anything in writing, or any other important agreement papers while Mercury is Retrograde.

Back up your computer files regularly because Mercury wreaks havoc with any form of technology, whether that is a computer or a toaster oven. Keep that in mind.

Avoid travel when Mercury is Retrograde, and if you can’t, then give yourself a lot of extra time and confirm your itinerary several times and check all reservations.

Be extra mindful of your words. Be clear and concise about what you are conveying or need and not make or take things to a personal level. Even the most innocent requests can take on total miscommunication with neither side thinking they were wrong.

Favored activities when Mercury is in Retrograde: editing, revising, reviewing, research relaxing, and regrouping. Cleaning out clutter, organizing and catching up on paperwork are highly favored during this time.

Now, take a nice, slow deep breath. (link here) and take a little 60 second breather as you begin to go with the flow, while directing the current to make this the positive that a Mercury Retrograde should be.