Monday, August 3, 2009

Embracing Products: Huge Lips Skinny Hips

Every once in a while I like to look into the market of products out there for health and beauty and give an assessment of a product I feel benefits the body, mind and spirit as a whole. Most of you know that my company’s motto is “Embracing the Universe from the the whole.” Today, I want you to embrace Huge Lips Skinny Hips by PurpleLab.

I’ve had the pleasure to know product creatrix, Karen Robinovitz, and her partner-in-crime, husband Todd Cuso, since about 2004. In fact, it was at a dinner for a book party that I “saw” her wearing an engagement ring before she was engaged! I was happy to discover that not only did they get married (that validation is a pleasure) but also that they gave birth to a company and delivered their first offspring!

Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip-plumping gloss brings new innovation to the marketplace by offering a healthy solution to plumping up thin lips without the sting of medication or surgery. But that’s only half of the story. The metaphysician in me was attracted the impressive ingredients. It contains Hoodia, an appetite suppressant; Meadow Foam, which is known to bind moisture to the skin; and Lemon Peel Oil, to offer a cool and soothing feeling. The thoughtful inclusion of Vitamin B3 is a healthy means of stimulating blood flow to the lips. Purple Lab’s unique chemistry blend creates an efficient and fun product that aims to make you feel good. Any product that makes you feel good is a metaphysical marvel because it means it has the potential to make one embrace good vibrations.

Some of the shades available run from a nude to a reddish, and all are subtly pleasing to the senses: Kitty Poledancer, Love Your Thighs, Lychee Martini, No Panty Lines, Red Sole and Worship Kate. Retails at $20.00.

As a personal side note, I purchased Kitty Poledancer, and I have to say that I enjoyed wearing it and noticed a difference in my lips. It tingled only a little, as it smoothed out thin lines and my lips remained moist longer. The taste was on the order of berries, and I definitely found my hunger pangs go away for a brief time, if I licked my lips just prior to lunchtime!

You can learn more about Huge Lips Skinny Hips by visiting Purple Lab’s sexy, sultry home on the web at

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