Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was reading a blog this morning, and I was shocked at the hate and venom that was contained in the comments section from people who read the blog. In fact, I’ve been pretty appalled for a long time at the whole reality craze, and the way people treat other people in this country. Now that we have this new administration, I am grateful for at least the kindness it will restore to our country.

I don’t understand why American people have to make negative comment on the looks of a person because they don’t like what the person is doing on a TV show. Just because you don’t like someone on a show, does it mean that you get to insult them for the way they were born. The way they look, the features of their face or the size of their body, are not the factors that are important for critiquing a television show. I can’t believe that people don’t look in the mirror and see their own flaws! I am amazed that the person with a big nose and a potbelly themselves, has the audacity to write a negative comment about someone else’s looks simple because they don’t like the television show. Or the 50 year old man who hasn’t looked in the mirror in 30 years dating a19 year old, and believing she wants him for him! God help everyone. Its time to turn the TV off, get some exercise so you lose weight and perhaps you wont be so angry at someone on TV!

It’s time we all banded together and pulled up positive energy. It is time to restore peace, love and good vibrations to the world. The anger, rage, and appalling use of other people for personal gain that we had during the previous nasty administration is going to stop. And I’m so grateful for that! We have too long lived in an insulting environment that takes advantage of those less fortunate.

If you want positive energy, you have to help create. You can’t expect everyone else to do it for you. It takes a village to raise a child, as they say, so it takes all the citizens to help change the vibration of a country. So let’s start with ours, and set an example of peace and goodwill so that others will follow around the world.

This is not only the time for change, but also the time to create what we really want in life because for the first time in this country is up to us again. And isn’t that wonderful?

So let’s not fall prey to the panic, let’s not fall prey to the anger and rage of the past, and instead move ahead to create positive energy and positive awareness so that we have better lives, better jobs and live longer. After all, isn’t that what we all really want?


Jamie Lynn said...

Love your blog!!

Linda Lauren said...

Thanks so much, Jamie! Thank you for your support. I intend to do the same for you. ;) God bless xo