Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The New Year Collage-A "resolutionary" Idea!


As we move into a new year and a new decade, it is the power of our intentions that will drive the energy we want to attract to us. When it comes to succeeding, intention is everything. The actions that accompany those intentions should be clear and concise so that you create movement forward. By the very nature of the Universal Law of Attraction, this kind of preparation for the future will make it easier to fulfill the promises and goals you set for yourself.

Each New Years Day, I get together with family and friends to create something ongoing and interactive by making a collage of what I want to accomplish for the year. The collage allows you to project visual intentions for the future that will encourage you to make the desired changes in your life.

You will need poster board, scissors, glue and a lot of different magazines, newspapers, and photos. (Start collecting the magazines and inspirational words during the year, as this will kick-start this type of project). The size of the collage is up to you. If you are doing this as a family project, you might want a larger piece so that everyone in the family can participate. Cut out images and words of what you want to manifest. Be sure to cut out the New Year date, and remember to include a photograph of yourself and your loved ones. I have seen these collages take on a life of their own and I am amazed at how they become a source of comfort and peace. A collage helps us to do more than “go with the flow” of our intentions. It helps us to direct the current!

Though you can do a collage on any topic: business, health or relationship and at any time, starting the New Year off with one is a positive move in the right direction.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Chain Gang

Chain, Chain, Chain…

Every year, at this time especially, I am inundated with emails that are “chain letters that should not be broken,” because they promise that if you “break the chain” you will have bad luck or you will not get whatever wonderful thing these chain letters claim to promise. So, they expect you to infiltrate your address book and dump these chain letters by forwarding them to “people you care about,” as one letter boasts. Well, it is because I do care about those people on my address book that I don’t send them this piece of intrusive mail, and instead, file it in my Trash or bounce it back to the sender. (This includes the chain letters that say "this is not a chain letter..!")

Chain letters are fear based. They feed upon the instinct of desire in a way that prevents one from being open to the very “gifts” the so-called chain letter promises. Trust me when I tell you that if you don’t send the chain letter to five friends, nothing bad will happen to you, except you might get a computer virus (for those with PCs, anyway) and infect your whole list.

Chain letters just promise more chain letters. I would much rather use the Universal Laws of Attraction and Abundance in a more positive manner, so that it benefits rather than detracts from my intention for a better life.

Nothing will happen to you by sending or not sending a chain letter. The most that will happen is you might lose some friends and a great deal of time forwarding mail, rather than manifesting what you want in life.

Blessings…count them…you have many, but you won’t find them in a mass-emailed chain letter.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


You heal the body and mind by administering to the spirit. It sounds simplistic when you speak it aloud, but the strength behind this statement is a clear indication of where true healthcare lies. It lies in our own hands.

Illness is usually treated for the symptom, sometimes the physical or mental cause is actually discovered, but rarely is the spiritual cause recognized, defined or even addressed.

If your mind is troubled, you might see a therapist. If your body is in pain, you would most likely seek out a doctor. These two experienced professionals of the field of mind and body will forge together to try to help put you back together and ultimately ‘heal’ you.

So, it’s safe to say that body and mind are covered, but what about Spirit? We hear the phrase often in healing that it is “important to keep the patient’s spirits up” for full recovery. But who is doing that, and do they realize how important it is to integrate the recovery of spirit into the one of mind and body?

Spirit is defined as the essence of our being, the light within us that allows us the emotion of sad, happy, or bad, good. It is how we treat our spirit and how we allow our spirit to be treated that decides whether we are healthy, happy and well adjusted.

Chances are that the issue you have of the mind and body are the result of a direct hit on your spirit because it was in a weakened state. There was no one to take you full circle and connect the spirit with the body and the mind. There are many practitioners of the spirit you can seek out and avenues of healing that will act to help guide the healing of the spirit.

The artwork above is part of my Linda Lauren's Energy Art™ and the vibration it embraces is one of deep healing for overall prosperity. Having something so powerful in positive intention is an example of a way to heal the spirit.

Only through the integration of the healing of spirit with that of the body and mind, can true healing take place. Your spirit is in your hands, integrate it into your healing process by administering to its nourishment and including it in your personal health care plan.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am excited to write this today because it is about how group meditation is a vehicle for sharing love and energy, and how it can not only raise the vibration in a room, but it can raise spirit as well!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an invitation-only event given by Karen Robinovitz of Purple Lab in NYC. Her events are usually in line with spirit and this one was no different. Each guest was treated to yoga and meditation that was facilitated by Libby Weintraub, and afterward I embraced the group by doing readings as they sat in a peaceful circle.

The energy that emerges when collectively meditating with a group of people is truly a magical experience of soft, loving vibrations at its highest intensity. We were blessed with the inclusion of The Didge Project, to provide our meditative music. The didgeridoo is an amazing instrument used in healing, meditation and music, and promotes peaceful harmony. At the very end of the meditation, we took a short break, and listened as the didgeridoo sound continued in our circle. At a certain point, my business partner, Susan Dolinko, got up from the circle and took some pictures to share on the Internet.

The photo above is the result--an amazing display of what happens when spirit surrounds us in peace and love and embraces us in the lavender light. That is not dust, reflection or even moisture that you are looking at. It is the color of spirit and energy generated by a group of like-minded people who enjoyed every metaphysical moment.

We had the spirit in us that night…and I, for one, am grateful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Managing Mercury In Retrograde

I am so tired of people stressing out and running scared because someone told them we were in “mercury retrograde” and that somehow is negative. We don’t have negative planets; we have negative people who use the planets as a great excuse for negative thinking, and in some cases, even negative behavior. My mother always said for every down there is an up, so let’s clear the decks, and get a better understanding of this phenomena and how best to flow with it.

Mercury is the planet governing communication, transportation and truth. When it is in “retrograde” it’s movement appears to be streaming backward in the skies, and that backward intention affects all forms of communication: whether that be via computer or person to person. Just because there are more misunderstandings and bad judgment calls made during Mercury Retrograde periods than any other time, does not mean that Mercury is singularly responsible. I am beginning to suspect an uncomfortable pattern. By the very virtue of the Universal Law of Attraction, many people are actually encouraging the frustration experienced during this time, rather than working with the blessings of it.

Breaking it down:
Don’t sign contracts or commit anything in writing, or any other important agreement papers while Mercury is Retrograde.

Back up your computer files regularly because Mercury wreaks havoc with any form of technology, whether that is a computer or a toaster oven. Keep that in mind.

Avoid travel when Mercury is Retrograde, and if you can’t, then give yourself a lot of extra time and confirm your itinerary several times and check all reservations.

Be extra mindful of your words. Be clear and concise about what you are conveying or need and not make or take things to a personal level. Even the most innocent requests can take on total miscommunication with neither side thinking they were wrong.

Favored activities when Mercury is in Retrograde: editing, revising, reviewing, research relaxing, and regrouping. Cleaning out clutter, organizing and catching up on paperwork are highly favored during this time.

Now, take a nice, slow deep breath. (link here) and take a little 60 second breather as you begin to go with the flow, while directing the current to make this the positive that a Mercury Retrograde should be.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Embracing Products: Huge Lips Skinny Hips

Every once in a while I like to look into the market of products out there for health and beauty and give an assessment of a product I feel benefits the body, mind and spirit as a whole. Most of you know that my company’s motto is “Embracing the Universe from the heart...to the whole.” Today, I want you to embrace Huge Lips Skinny Hips by PurpleLab.

I’ve had the pleasure to know product creatrix, Karen Robinovitz, and her partner-in-crime, husband Todd Cuso, since about 2004. In fact, it was at a dinner for a book party that I “saw” her wearing an engagement ring before she was engaged! I was happy to discover that not only did they get married (that validation is a pleasure) but also that they gave birth to a company and delivered their first offspring!

Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip-plumping gloss brings new innovation to the marketplace by offering a healthy solution to plumping up thin lips without the sting of medication or surgery. But that’s only half of the story. The metaphysician in me was attracted the impressive ingredients. It contains Hoodia, an appetite suppressant; Meadow Foam, which is known to bind moisture to the skin; and Lemon Peel Oil, to offer a cool and soothing feeling. The thoughtful inclusion of Vitamin B3 is a healthy means of stimulating blood flow to the lips. Purple Lab’s unique chemistry blend creates an efficient and fun product that aims to make you feel good. Any product that makes you feel good is a metaphysical marvel because it means it has the potential to make one embrace good vibrations.

Some of the shades available run from a nude to a reddish, and all are subtly pleasing to the senses: Kitty Poledancer, Love Your Thighs, Lychee Martini, No Panty Lines, Red Sole and Worship Kate. Retails at $20.00.

As a personal side note, I purchased Kitty Poledancer, and I have to say that I enjoyed wearing it and noticed a difference in my lips. It tingled only a little, as it smoothed out thin lines and my lips remained moist longer. The taste was on the order of berries, and I definitely found my hunger pangs go away for a brief time, if I licked my lips just prior to lunchtime!

You can learn more about Huge Lips Skinny Hips by visiting Purple Lab’s sexy, sultry home on the web at http://www.purplelabnyc.com

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Ghost Story or Time Travel? You Decide...

We drove to my friend Todd’s house in Mountainside late one night, the car taking the curves slowly as we made our way through the reservation. The night was warm with lots of stars in the evening sky. It was just getting dark and I was glad that my friend, Sue, was driving. Our dogs panted happily in the back seat and I fiddled with the radio, just as we turned to head up Todd’s street.

“What’s going on up ahead?” I asked as I trained my eyes on the group milling around the entrance to Todd’s driveway. “What’s with all the people? What do you think happened?”

There was a spotlight on up ahead. No painted dividing line in the road, and the area seemed more woods-like than I remembered it. A man in long sleeve blue pajamas, with stripes, was talking and gesturing with his hands to the woman beside him. She was short and dressed in white. A nurse, I thought. The group looked like they were waiting for something. Had something happened? I felt as if something had. The man turned to face the street and I could see he had short brown hair that was parted on the side.

I didn't recognize anyone. I turned toward Sue.

“Pull up.” I turned back to the window and pointed, but the people were suddenly gone. In a flash…poof! “What?”

“Linda, there is nobody there. What were you seeing?” Sue pulled the car into Todd’s driveway and we got out to join him inside the house.

I recounted what I had seen and said that I felt it had to do with an incident that happened in the area many years before. My reading on it was that there was no paved road and it was not as developed, but more rural. The man I saw was in pajamas and barefoot, and the scene of a fire sprang to mind. He was waiting for help while his house went up in flames. There was no line in the road because this was before 1940, and I feel they were milling around to wait for the fire department to arrive. The man was gesturing as he retold what happened to him to his nurse, as I am sure he was a patient of some kind. Or at the very least, under a doctor’s care.

Was this vision a past experience, which means they were ghosts? Or was this a vision of parallel time and the people I was seeing re-enacting a scene that happened in their lives in the spot where the memory of it is strongest?

I’ve yet to decide. Have you?
Send me your comments.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Glimpse....

I try to visit my father, who is in a nursing home, at least once a week. Now that the weather has been nicer, I'm able to take him outside in the courtyard so that he can see our two little dogs and play with them. As I often did, I walked down the hallway, took a couple of turns to the left and headed toward his room to fetch him in his wheelchair. But, on this recent visit, he wasn't in or near his room. I checked the lunch room and the hallways. No Pop. I inquired at the nurses station where he might be. They told me he was most likely watching a movie on the second floor (Amazing that my father is "lost" and no one in charge knows where he is!)

I punched the elevator button and waited for it to come down. One of the residents of the home stood beside me. She was wearing a long-sleeved Minnie Mouse sweatshirt and a pair of black stretchy pants. Her hair was short, curly, thick and silvery, her lips painted a deep red.

"Nice bag," She surveyed me up and down and smiled.

"Thank you."

Her hand reached out to touch the beads. "Where'd you get it? Must have been expensive. I would sure like to have that bag."

"I got it at The Mall," I answered while inching away from her.

"What mall?"

"Short Hills."

"I want the bag," she insisted.

"You can't have the bag."

"Give me the bag!" She reached out.

The doors swung open and she quickly moved away, pressing her back against the wall as a young orderly joined us in the elevator. I smiled at the orderly and said hello, but the old woman did not say anything else. As soon as the doors opened again, I flew out of the building to the parking lot and the safety of my car. It's not uncommon to find mentally unstable people in nursing homes. This sweet little old lady might not be able to control her reactions to things, and could do some damage. I kept this in the back of my mind and promised to do my best to avoid her in the future.

I noticed on my next visit that there were no signs of "the Bag Lady" as I referred to her. However, I did run into the orderly again and stopped her in the hallway.

"I haven't seen the woman who was in the elevator with us. I hope she is OK."

She looked confused. "I don't understand."

"The old woman," I explained, "the one who was in the elevator with me when you got on.

"There was no one but you and me in the elevator."

"There was a woman and she wanted my bag."

"Describe her." She folded her arms across her chest and closed her eyes as if to envision the details to make a proper ID.

"Short, silvery hair, very thick. She was wearing a Disney sweatshirt and black sweat pants..."

"That's Minnie."
"Yes, the mouse on her shirt was Minnie--"

"No, I mean her name was Minnie."


"Yes. She passed away last month."

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last night I did a telephone reading for an out-of-state client. The reading was moving right along when I suddenly felt an“energy” (spirit) enter the room. I knew it was a male and he immediately made me smile. I asked the client, “Who is Charlie? I think he’s here.” She explained that Charlie was the name of her brother who passed away. That validation opened up the door, so to speak, to communicate with him. I “felt” him laughing and smiling and being quite the jovial one! However, he soon turned into a very “merry” prankster!

I often tell my clients that one of the major signs that indicate the other side is with us, are electrical: lights flashing, phones ringing with no one on the other end, chimes sounding from nowhere, etc. You get the idea!

The moment my client acknowledged who Charlie was, the phone went dead. I went to my recent calls listing and redialed her number. Instead of getting my client, I got a recording telling me how to get my incoming messages! Though it was frustrating, it made sense because the other side was trying to send a message and wanted me to know that was the case. I tried to get my client back on the phone three times, three different ways, and each time, I got the same recording. So, I turned to spirit and said, “Ok, Charlie. Got it. I know you are here. Now let me get your sister back on the phone so I can finish up her reading.”

The next time I dialed, she picked up the phone. I explained to her that I felt it was Charlie playing with us. She confirmed his prankster ways. In fact, as I write this in my home office, every time I type his name, the lights flicker!

We finished up the reading and after hanging up; I leaned over to check my email and heard a male voice sending “commands” on everything I did. If I clicked the email icon it would say, “Email open.” No matter what I touched, the male voice came on in command. And to make matters more frustrating, the volume could not be turned up or down, no matter what I did! I would have “told” Charlie that this was unacceptable, however, I know better…because when you ask spirit, in frustration, to stop (or you yell at them) you can be sure that will only escalate your problem with them.

I asked my business partner, Sue, to come up to my office and see where I would turn off the commands, and she kept asking, “Why are they even on?” I rolled my eyes. She understood immediately and went downstairs to spray the house with our cleansing spray and double dose it with sage smudge right after. When she returned, we went through the motions of finding what was activated, so that I could return my computer to normal, rather than paranormal. As we went through the list of voice activation, we noticed that most of my system preferences there that had been unchecked were now checked! It took about an hour, and I turned off the computer for the night.

The next morning, I started my day with email and all seemed right with the world...until I tried to turn down the music volume. It not only would not go down, but strange looking frames surrounded all my folders and my screen kept freezing. Frustrated, I begged him to please stop, and then called Sue again. We discovered yet another change on the computer. So, I asked Charlie to return control to me. I told him his family loved him and to move along in peace. I heard one word in my ear, spoken clearly and firmly, in a male’s voice: “Write!”

So, here it is. Sorry, Charlie, that it took me so long to get that message, and thank you for coming through to deliver it. For that, I am very grateful.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I See Dead People…

“I see dead people” … is one of the most repeated lines to come out of a paranormal movie. It ranks way up there with “They’re heeeeeeere,” from the movie, Poltergeist.

The first reference is to The Sixth Sense, a worthy story until I “see” what they claim he “sees,” and I realize how little progress we have made in the entertainment industry in understanding more about what they are representing. If they did, they would have far more interesting tales to tell that would be remarkably more entertaining and “scary” simply because they depict some of what really happens when one “sees” the other side. Too often, the writers are writing what they think they know, when, in actuality, they are merely rehashing what has already been done, wrong, over the years.

In the movies, they never look like your mother or your father, your uncle, your sister your brother, your cousin. They never look like the people you love—the people they really are. And that is one of the most troublesome things I find about movies that depict my profession. I know that these movies are made for entertainment value, but they also instill a false persona as to what people are like on the other side. People don’t die and become ghoulish. They also don’t “stay” or “live” where they are buried. They are spirit energy and energy does not die.

The spirits I see are your average grandpa in suspenders, grandma in her jewelry. Sometimes I see just their surroundings and only feel their energy. It’s like someone came into the room, but they are hiding just beyond my vision and will reveal themselves when (and, most important, IF) they have a message to be delivered.

The biggest misconception about what I do, is that I have some strange “psychic power.” That one makes me both cringe and smile at the same time. Like I have this strange weird thing inside me that makes me be able to do things beyond human ability.. What I have, that may be very different than someone else, is an awareness with that goes beyond normal connections and creates an ability to communicate.

How can you do what I do? Well, first you would have to be born into my family! But, most of all, it’s really quite simple: you MEDITATE, faithfully, every single day, at least twice a day. That simple act of going within on a regular basis will create a pattern of awareness that will allow you to be open enough to “hear” those on the other side, be they angels, guides or loved ones.

I created a guided meditation CD called Graceful Meditations… to help with this process. It can be obtained at our Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center or Amazon.com. (Unfortunately, blogger.com will not allow me to do the link right now).

I wish you love and blessings and happy meditations that connect you with the messages you are meant to receive.

Yes…I do see dead people, and communicate with them. You can, too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm forever reading...Bubbles!

This is a photo of me and Grandma Anna, 1955.
My introduction into reading by way of color and energy happened quite innocently. I was three years old, and we were living across the street from my very psychic grandmother. I remember the day very clearly. My mother had taken me across the street for my grandmother to watch me while my mom went to work in her job as a telephone operator (back when we had live people answering the calls!)

Mom held my hand tightly as we crossed the street. We ran up the steps of Grandma Anna’s small house and through the open screen door, which Mom closed behind us.

“I’ll see you soon,” she said, kneeling to address me. “Be a good girl for Grandma.”

I walked down the foyer to her parlor and sat down on the sofa, the plastic seat cover sticking to my legs as my dress rode up behind me. I sat like this for about five minutes before Grandma came out from behind the curtained off room that was her bedroom. We did not often communicate verbally because she could not speak much English, but I always got her message somehow.

However, today something was different. As she sat next to me talking in her native Italian, tiny purple and blue bubbles came streaming from her mouth. I wanted to ask her to share the bubble blower, but I did not see one.

As she continued to speak, the colors changed again to white, green and yellow. I became very aware of Grandma’s mood just from the shifting colors.

Distracted and mesmerized by these bubbles, I watched them form opaque circles before disappearing into the air. They were coming from Grandma Anna’s mouth in slow and steady clusters. I began to feel emotional. The red made me angry and the green had me wanting to tell Grandma to take better care, while the purple suggested that she was wise beyond my limited three-year-old understanding.

“Eh! Snap over it!” she yelled in her fractured English, her fingers clipping in the air to get my attention.

I moved my eyes up to hers. “Huh?”

She looked confused. “Snap out of it,” she corrected.

I did as I was told, but was still seeing the colorful bubbles.

“Grandma, can I have the bubble maker, too?”

Her eyes widened, and she smiled.

It was at that unfortunate moment, that her next “friend” came to visit. All the people who came to her for advice were never referred to as clients or customers, but as friends.

“Come stai, Mr. Marx,” she greeted in Italian, patting my hand and standing so she could lead the way back behind the curtain. She turned and smiled, her hand on the folds of the curtain, ready to close them. “Is good.”

Friday, June 5, 2009

Something To Consider...

I have wanted to write this particular blog post for a long while, but waited until the Mercury Retrograde was over so that it was not misunderstood.

When I refer to “no dumping” I am referring to the escalating (and alarming) practice among friends, family and (especially) strangers, to unload their problems, issues and/or general disgruntled (negative) feelings/conversation on people who do not ask, nor want to share it. If you think you can’t handle it, imagine what you are doing to the person you dump on. They are not prepared for the negativity you want to impart, and therefore will not be of much comfort to you because they may not be in the position to give advice. All you will succeed in doing is passing on negativity to make yourself feel better. That is not sharing, that is dumping. If you want to unload, it is spiritually important that you ask permission before doing so, and then do so in a private venue as a courtesy to others.

The most notorious dumping is done via cell phones. For instance, I was at the local beauty parlor, nail salon or spa, where (unfortunately) people are not reminded to turn off cell phones so as not to disturb others. We are there to decompress, relax and enjoy being pampered, not to take in the negativity of someone else. Imagine what it feels like to hear someone talking loud, for all to hear, about the latest disease or death the caller is relating to them over the phone. One such woman carried on so much about how their family member died, that we were all treated to a wonderfully negative blow-by-blow description of the horror of it all. No one told her to stop. The depression just filled the place as a result. No one bothered to ask her to take it outside. We were all held hostage in her little personal phone booth.

In this economy, the owner of the salon was only interested in not offending (thus losing) the ONE customer, in favor of losing the 10 others who were reduced to listening to this. Ultimately, one by one, each person simply got up and left the place. They were angry, and one woman was SO angry that on her way out the door, she actually ripped the phone out of the person’s hand and threw it in the trash, sending shock waves through the salon.

If you want others to be sympathetic to your plight, you have to be sensitive to the fact that they didn’t sign up for your “news,” and should be asked if it’s okay to listen to it. That applies to whether you are on the phone or sitting at the nail dryer chatting with a fellow customer.

Establishment owners please take note: We pay to be pampered. We are not paying to be put upon. We all have things in our lives that we would rather not deal with, but the misery loves company adage no longer works in the world we live in today. The rage, disrespect and outright rudeness needs to stop. NO MORE DUMPING! Ask first. Or, better yet, BLOG it, because only then is it ok because the person has to seek your blog out, and that is by their choice, and by their permission.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So You Think YOU Can Dance!

...well, it would have been fun to dance with THESE stars.

Sometimes it takes a good old Fred & Ginger dance number to help you "Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off and Start All Over Again!

For as the lyrics go:
Nothing's impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start all over again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still A Message From Mom

I have had a lot of things to consider in my personal family life in the past few months, which caused me some undue stress. My father had some serious health issues and was in and out of the hospital. For age 88, he went through a lot of pain and shuffling around, before he was finally settled and happy in a nursing home. Whenever family issues come up, I often sit back and meditate on thoughts of my mother and I ask her for signs that she is with me. She crossed over almost ten years ago, yet if feels like only yesterday.

My mother’s favorite flower was the gardenia, but she had a secret passion for growing roses. She had several rose bush varieties in an array of colors that ranged from red to vibrant pink, all growing along the fence on one side of family home. Each season, Mom would cut a few for me when they were in full bloom. I can remember her cutting the pointy thorns, before tenderly wrapping a wet paper towel around the stems. In remembrance of her, I keep flowers in the small Lenox vase she gave me.

I don’t generally buy roses, but I do try to have the mixture of red and pink in the arrangements of flowers that fill the vases at my Metaphysical Center. An offering of flowers is considered a “thank you” to the angels, guides and loved ones who watch over us.

Right after Mother’s Day, we put new flowers in the vases. In the Lenox vase was an arrangement of 5 pink carnations and one red carnation. Though I know the flowers are there, I rarely look at them specifically because I am usually busy in readings or focused on what I might be writing. Sue, my business partner and personal assistant, came into my office to ask a question and pointed to the vase.

“OMG! That’s weird!” She pointed and we both looked in the direction of the vase.

The pink carnations around the vase were deliberately broken in the very same place on each stem. The red carnation was standing proudly in the middle, unbroken! I approached it to investigate and took a photo. Then “something” (someone) told me to look up the meaning of carnations. Here is what I discovered:

Carnation (General) - fascination, woman's love –which I can understand because my mother shared a passion with me in my work, and we were very close.

Pink Carnation - I'll never forget you, always on my mind.
This would also be true of both of us, even though she has been gone so long.

At first the broken stems alarmed me, and I quickly scanned the web site for the meaning of the only one left standing. I “knew” the message was from Mom, and it was somehow in that red flower. There had to be a reason for it being the only survivor.

Then I saw it. Red Carnation - my heart aches for you.
In that single moment of recognition, her message was received. She was telling me that no matter where she was, she was aware of what I was going through. It gave me pause, and I sat back into my chair and allowed her love to embrace me.
Thank you, Mom, for always being there. I love you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today’s blog is a special warning about pet toys, particularly one marketed for dogs. The lines of toys are made by MULTIPET INTERNATIONAL and are called “Look Who's Talking.” The ad on their web site reads that it is “More than your run of the mill plush toys, these cuties talk when your pet squeezes them.”

My Malti-Poo, Gidget, loves the small plush monkey toy that makes the sound of a monkey shouting in the jungle. Over time, she takes the stuffing out of her toys until she gets to the source of the sound. I am often very quick to clean it up, pull out whatever squeeker is inside and toss the toy in the garbage.

Over the past few days, I found two small watch batteries on the rug. I thought maybe it came out of something of mine. However, further investigation proved otherwise, when I pulled out a small square battery pack with an open back and one battery left in it inside the monkey! (The two I found, fit back into it like a puzzle.)

As we all know, dogs and children often mingle happily together in families, and so it’s not unusual for a baby to be crawling on the same floor as the family pet. This only doubled my concern. I had flashes of a dog not as discerning as my Gidget, swallowing one of those! Or a baby playing and finding it, and putting it into his/her mouth, as babies are prone to doing, and swallowing it!

We immediately called the company and a “customer service” rep calmly stated that “there is a cover on the battery pack” (as if was acceptable to have a battery pack like that in a toy in the first place!). We explained that this toy did not have one, and the thought of a dog or child swallowing a battery, and the ensuing complications was frightening, and could lead to a lawsuit. She repeated her mantra about battery pack covers, and then offered to send the same toy! I did not want the same dangerous toy. I wanted a safer one.

We were at a stalemate, so she ended the call for me by saying she was going to “talk to another manager and get back to you.” Right. It does not take a psychic to know that what she is really saying is that she has no intention of doing a thing.

The monkey is not the only toy in the line, but they all contain small battery packs made of plastic that contain at least 3 watch-sized batteries and, cover missing or not, these batteries should not be in a toy! My next call was to the Channel 7 News team to investigate this before something horrible happens…and hopefully, no animal or child has been hurt, yet.

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Moonachie, New Jersey 07074
Toll Free: (800) 900-MPET
Phone: (201) 438-6600 Fax: (201) 438-2990
Email: info@multipet.com

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Important Universal Message--from The Other Side

For everyone, especially those who do the kind of work I do, messages from The Other Side come to us in various ways. Each medium you visit, and the medium within yourself, receives and delivers communication from those who have passed on in a way unique to themselves. For me, many of my messages come through particular songs or lyrics of songs that I may not even know in my "normal" state, but yet I know all the words when I'm in my "paranormal" state.

Well, today, I received a sign from the other side that I realize needed to be shared with everyone. If I dont, then I am destined to hear it played over and over in my head until I deliver it.

I want you to click on the video of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and listen very carefully to the lyrics to this song, You are Fred Astaire, singing to your loved ones who have crossed over. This is their message, and it speaks volumes of their love and existence, reminding those of us left here on earth what we do have of them! This sounds little gritty, but you're going to enjoy this, because it is a reminder that energy does NOT die, and our loved ones are only a vibration away!
**NOTE: The actual lyrics follow the video

Our romance won't end on a sorrowful note,
Though by tomorrow you're gone;
The song is ended, but as the songwriter wrote,
The melody lingers on.
They may take you from me, I'll miss your fond caress.
But though they take you from me, I'll still possess.

The way you wear your hat
The way you sip your tea
The memory of all that
No, no, they can't take that away from me

The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off-key
The way you haunt my dreams
No, no, they can't take that away from me

We may never, never meet again
On this bumpy road to love
Still I'll always, always keep the memory of...

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you've changed my life
No, no, they can't take that away from me
No, they can't take that away from me
©1937 George & Ira Gershwin, from the RKO Movie, Shall We Dance

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Loaded Question!

Hello, dear friends:

In an effort to get to know me better, one of my clients presented me with a list of questions she always wanted a Psychic Medium to answer. I took the sheet from her, and looked it over and thought it might be a nice idea to maybe present some of those questions, and the answers they inspired.

This is a loaded question!
No matter who we are, there are always complexities to each of us that are unique. For myself, I view the life I lead as a Psychic Medium as very normal, though I realize it appears to be very paranormal to others. However, when friends or colleagues pointed out to me certain aspects of daily life that border on the unusual, I realize that though I feel I am the “same” as everyone else in so many respects, I’m very different in the way I have to lead my life. Friends site that not everyone hears “voices” or “communicate with dead people” and that, often, those that do are medicated and treated as unbalanced. Thank God for Mom, then, because I owe the stability in my life to her.

When I was three years old, I began to see color bubbles coming out of people’s mouths when they spoke. Depending upon the color of the bubbles, I could tell them what they needed to know. As a child, it’s fun to become distracted by the bubbles, however, it can be dangerous as you grow into adulthood because I’d wind up staring at people. Not only is it impolite, but imagine how you feel when a stranger stares at you! If my mother hadn’t shown me how I could focus my attention on the information the colored bubbles brought, I don’t know what I would have done. As it is, when I go into a movie theater, I have to go at non-peak times or bubbles and voices filling the place will inundate me.

Forget hospitals and nursing homes. Even stadiums are difficult arenas for me to be in. In a hospital, I have to constantly keep myself shut off so that my attention is focused internally. The best way I accomplish that is by wearing my iPod earplugs and blasting The Doors (any music really; but this works for me) into my head.

It’s a little more difficult when I visit my dad in the nursing home, because I feel so overwhelmed by the thoughts of the elderly, as they live in their remembrances and missing loved ones. Many times, those loved ones have crossed over, and as I pass the wheel chairs lined along the corridor, filled with the sleeping and the disoriented, I often also feel or see a spectral family member beside them. I quicken my steps and turn up the sound, or talk to the person I’m with to avoid spirit communication. For me, it’s an intrusion because I am not prepared to work as a Medium at that moment. I am my father’s daughter on those visits, there to visit my family, not those of the nursing home. That inner turmoil can be disconcerting, and I often lose my sense of time and place.

Yes, I am always a Psychic and a Medium…but that should only be with my permission. Otherwise, it benefits no one and I am left with messages that will be undelivered. That can leave me drained and depressed.

To be continued…

Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Facebook Sites for me!

Hello, again!

I have just finished creating two more sites via Facebook. I want to connect with all of you!

My fan link is: Linda' Fan Site

I am so excited to have an even broader way to create a connection to extend my reach.

Feel free to create discussion and ask question on the fan site, as I will be visiting there often and hope to get us into some really great topics of discussion. Let's learn and cultivate spirit together!

God bless, Linda


I was reading a blog this morning, and I was shocked at the hate and venom that was contained in the comments section from people who read the blog. In fact, I’ve been pretty appalled for a long time at the whole reality craze, and the way people treat other people in this country. Now that we have this new administration, I am grateful for at least the kindness it will restore to our country.

I don’t understand why American people have to make negative comment on the looks of a person because they don’t like what the person is doing on a TV show. Just because you don’t like someone on a show, does it mean that you get to insult them for the way they were born. The way they look, the features of their face or the size of their body, are not the factors that are important for critiquing a television show. I can’t believe that people don’t look in the mirror and see their own flaws! I am amazed that the person with a big nose and a potbelly themselves, has the audacity to write a negative comment about someone else’s looks simple because they don’t like the television show. Or the 50 year old man who hasn’t looked in the mirror in 30 years dating a19 year old, and believing she wants him for him! God help everyone. Its time to turn the TV off, get some exercise so you lose weight and perhaps you wont be so angry at someone on TV!

It’s time we all banded together and pulled up positive energy. It is time to restore peace, love and good vibrations to the world. The anger, rage, and appalling use of other people for personal gain that we had during the previous nasty administration is going to stop. And I’m so grateful for that! We have too long lived in an insulting environment that takes advantage of those less fortunate.

If you want positive energy, you have to help create. You can’t expect everyone else to do it for you. It takes a village to raise a child, as they say, so it takes all the citizens to help change the vibration of a country. So let’s start with ours, and set an example of peace and goodwill so that others will follow around the world.

This is not only the time for change, but also the time to create what we really want in life because for the first time in this country is up to us again. And isn’t that wonderful?

So let’s not fall prey to the panic, let’s not fall prey to the anger and rage of the past, and instead move ahead to create positive energy and positive awareness so that we have better lives, better jobs and live longer. After all, isn’t that what we all really want?