Friday, December 5, 2008


According to, Blessings are a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; and a prayer for God's favor and protection.

Look around you, and you will see "blessings" everywhere you look, and not just at this special time of year....all year long.

Blessings take all forms. There are blessings in the smile you receive, the kind word a stranger offers, the advice you communicated to someone who needed it. You are blessed when you catch your taxi or bus and get the ride, or the when you are given coupons and discounts when shopping. The simple fact that the sun is shining is a blessing.

Look around you, pay close attention to the small details that make for big blessings and remember to give a blessing in return by taking notice and sending your gratitude out into the universe.

Embrace your blessings and light a candle in gratitude for them. It will encourage more blessings to come your way!