Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I used to roll my eyes heavenward every time my Mother put a new spin on and old superstition….or “stupid-stitions” as we kids called them.  She had the kind of reasoning that put a positive spin on everything.

 One afternoon, while having a relaxing cup of tea with her in the dining room, we were discussing the birth of my first nephew.  I had made the comment that it rained on the day he was born, and I thought that to not be a good sign.

 Mom put her cup back down into the saucer slowly and smiled.  “On the contrary.  God was actually shedding tears of joy at the birth.”

“Then how do you explain that it rained on my wedding day, and I am now divorced?”

 It was her turn to roll her eyes heavenward.  “Rain is not always a bad sign, Linda.  No sign is good or bad.   They are confirmations.”  She lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip before continuing.  “God was weeping tears of regret that you entered into that marriage.  So the divorce, to me, was no surprise.” 

 I thought about this and in now, 20 years or so later, I know exactly what she meant.  I supposed in Mom’s world, you really can win for losing!

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Noblescribe said...

Your mom sounds like a unique person in that she saw good in everything. Being positive is so important to our physical, mental and spiritual health. Like laughter, it is great medicine.