Friday, January 11, 2008


Signs from the Other Side comes to us in ways that are unique to each person, the messages are magical only in their existence, not in the length of the words or what they may say. Each of our senses can deliver up a message from across the clouds. A name, a reminder or a long ago memory shared; a scent, a taste; or the way something feels.

A sign can come from any source, as it is your connection to the person who passed that enriches such communication. Perhaps you found a penny, a feather or heard the sound of chimes as a validation of your loved one’s message to you.

I don’t often share the real personal signs I receive, choosing to hold them close in private. However, I am going to break my silence and share with you the message I received from my angels and guides this year on Christmas Eve, and how that message was delivered.

Like everyone else, I have my moments of self-doubt. I sat this past Christmas Eve and was thinking about my life as a medium. I was feeling sad, as can happen during the holidays. The question that came into my mind was whether if, by being a medium, I was intruding on grieving families by giving the messages they came to me to deliver.

I asked, God and my angels and guides to help me answer that question. I was not in any kind of meditation, in fact I had been catching up on television that I had prerecorded and had not had the chance to see yet.

After asking that question, I turned the television back on. The movie The Note, (a Hallmark TV/movie) with Genie Francis, was one I had not finished viewing, and the show was in middle of the story when I caught up with it. The two principal actors were sitting on stairs talking. These were the first words I heard spoken, and I took the time to write it down word for word:

“You can either say to yourself: I’m intruding into the lives of these poor grieving people or you can say to yourself, I’m giving these poor grieving people the opportunity to talk to someone. Because in the end, what we all really need is someone willing to listen.”


jesskittypoo said...

I think my grandma is sending me messages from beyond, although I have no clue as to what they mean. I am having a hard time in life right now, and I am hoping that they are positive messages. What you do is amazing, that you are able to provide clarity of these messages!

rivtodd said...

Glad you are back!

You have taught me so much and the least of which is that signs are there if you would only look and take notice. I have and seen for myself how amazing signs can be. Of course your story here is truly amazing and glad that you shared it. I look forward to many more to come.

Noblescribe said...

I have learned from you that signs come in many guises. Thank you for all the guidance you have given me.

esther said...

Thanks for sharing... I believe in signs, but its just hard to see them. Thats a pity, because i think they come to us most of the time when we need them.
Hope to read more soon!
God Bless

Kiann said...

When I receive signs I realize how lucky I am to be receiving such a wonderful gift. I am very thankful for my gift... and thankful for such a wonderful mentor.

Anonymous said...

I have a question....I have always had weird interactions with ghosts and I see things quite often and ignore it, but I was in the ICU last night with a friend who had a dying grandfather. This was my first time in an ICU and as soon as we stepped in, i had the most uncomfortable feeling overcome me. My chest got very heavy and i felt like I had 100 pounds weighing down on my body. As I sat outside the family room, I even began to shake a little. I have never felt anything like this before...any ideas of what of what I could have been feeling??